Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Self Portrait Silhouette by Mark Beck

“This canvas was painted during the first years of the 1980s. I knew Mark Beck when he was in his early twenties and living in San Luis Obispo, California.

While striving to make ends meet through a combination of art sales and odd jobs (including a stint teaching painting to prisoners at The California Men’s Colony), Mark lived in various inexpensive rooms around town, for a while on a mattress on the floor of an old Victorian house undergoing renovation and sometimes with friends. At one point, Mark even lived in a chicken coop on a farm outside of town, due to the magnificent light it provided.
Mark’s friends were a source of both encouragement and stimulation. Aside from his passion for painting, I think what engaged him the most were the lively conversations, often accompanied by a large jug of wine and frequently lasting until the wee hours of the morning.
Observing Mark’s work, it is rare to see a self-portrait, and rarer still to see the image this painting presents; the young artist in silhouette.
Over the years I’ve watched Mark’s artistic progress and growing success, from the early sold out shows in Cambria, CA and elsewhere to his current representation by galleries in New York, Beverly Hills and San Francisco, where his paintings are currently selling for up to $20,000.
Since these economic times are tough for me, as they are for so many others, I’m selling this painting from my small collection of his art. Painted in oil and handsomely framed, this is among the larger of his works at approximately 4’x 5’ and is priced at $7,700 (Reduced from $10,000). “
Sara McEre

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